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Synergy already has a carrier board to put the SSR-6T receiver into a VP, UT,
UT+, etc. socket. All that is needed is firmware support for the old 8-channel
messages. I am planning to implement this capability for Synergy. It's just a
matter of time and priorities. Eventually Synergy will have the solution for
this problem. If you could gather a list of Time-Nuts people who would like one
or more of these and send it to Art that could speed the process along.


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Hi Paul,

I'm pretty sure the hp Z3801A and 58503A/B (and perhaps other 1990's era) GPSDO
use the Motorola Oncore VP receiver. It was, and still is, a famous GPS timing
receiver. Later, many GPSDO evolved to use the Motorola/iLotus M12 receiver.

The new Synergy SST-6T is a clever combination h/w and s/w that turns a uBlox 6T
& PIC into a PCB that is both h/w and s/w compatible with an M12. It's a drop-in
replacement. But as such, it won't work in a device that is uses an old Motorola
UT/GT/VP receiver.

I suggested that they also come up with a board that is VP compatible, but you
realize the number of 15-year-old Oncore VP's in the field is probably not that
high. It would make an excellent labor-of-love project to create a VP-compatible
uBlox 6T board, but it's probably not something you can make a business case


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