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Thanks David. That's good to know. It's an interesting display.


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> How did he set up the video? What camera?

The Rigol DS4024 Scope has a "Record" Function.

Basically it stores internally a screen capture for each trigger event.

Therefore the Scope itself "takes a picture" once a second when triggered
by PPS events.

You can then set the Scope to "Replay" the whole sequence at a given replay
rate.  I set the scope to "Replay" each captured screen at 1000 screens per
second. The frame counter in the upper right corner of the screen gives you
the delay from the "Record" Start.

I then took a movie of the screen replay with a hand held camera.

There does not appear to be any way to save or output the saved screens
other than viewing them on the onboard display.

Rigol has extensive USB Drive and LAN Support but nothing I've found
 allows me to save the "Record" Data.
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