[time-nuts] Questions about TAC frontend, and some measurements

Fabio Eboli FabioEb at quipo.it
Sat Dec 22 22:37:05 UTC 2012

> When it comes to phase, your interpolator may also be sensitive.

Dont know if I was clear enough, just in case I wasnt able
to explain well before: the data I collected didnt came from
the analog interpolator, but from the OutD that is a digital
out. The interpolator is still in it's infancy.

>> So if I'm understanding you are suggesting to measure on the
>> second 10MHz edge, instead of the first, I would have 100 to 200nS
>> instead of 0 to 100nS. I didnt think about this, I like the idea!
> Indeed. Some even let one more edge go and measure between 200 and 
> 300 ns.

I modified the schematic this way to use the second edge:

>>> Like that you try your interpolator wings!
>> Sorry, I didnt undestand this part.
> Trivial, I like that you experiment and build your own interpolator
> design, build experience.

Thanks, I like to experiment directly when I can.
This puts me in front of the real problems.
And by the way playing with the interpolator is
something that I'm enjoing; that few transistors
are making something that was sort of magic for me before:
converting nanoseconds pulses in something that can be easily
read. In this work I'm only starting and I'm already on the
edge of my little knowledge on electronics, and I'm learning
much from the resources and contributors to this list.

> Good luck and look forward to your progress reports.

I will happily keep sharing the work.

> You got me inspired to try something myself. :)

Wow :)
Thank you,

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