[time-nuts] An embedded NTP server

Michael Tharp gxti at partiallystapled.com
Tue Dec 25 17:18:30 UTC 2012

Hello and Merry Christmas,

I made an embedded (S)NTP server. The software is still under 
development and will eventually include a low-grade GPSDO but right now 
even the simplistic algorithm is working quite well so I figured I'd share.


This is a low-level microcontroller implementation, there is no OS nor 
ntpd in the traditional sense. Just enough logic to keep time using the 
incoming PPS and timestamps, and a tiny VCXO to discipline. It's no 
Thunderbolt and there is no clock output but it should be fantastic at 
NTP. Before too long I will have adapters for connecting to Oncore 
GT+/UT+ (and maybe M12, haven't checked) as well as Trimble Resolution T 
and Resolution SMT using a ribbon cable instead of the jumper wires.

All open-source hardware and software. Pictures, details, and design 
documents are in the eevblog thread. I'll let you all know if and when 
I'm ready to sell them, for now I just wanted to show what I've got.

-- m. tharp

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