[time-nuts] An embedded NTP server

David J Taylor david-taylor at blueyonder.co.uk
Wed Dec 26 11:18:08 UTC 2012

From: Michael Tharp
> Oh, and your Windows box is either poorly configured or
> broken - they can work much, much better than yours illustrates as I
> expect you know.

Yes, it's not healthy. I installed Meinberg's NTP build and configured
it using defaults other than the server list but it seems to not be
tracking well. Right now it's "only" 30ms off but as shown in the forum
snippet it makes excursions into the hundreds. Still an improvement over
default Windows timekeeping but I'd love for it to work properly.

-- m. tharp

Michael, for comparison, I've put up a couple of plots of Windows using 
Internet-only servers running on Windows-7 and Windows-8 PCs.  The Windows-8 
PC should be better as it has a more precise GetSystemTime API (it's called 
GetSystemTimePreciseAsFileTime).  This is using the newish POOL directive 
which provides about 10 NTP servers.


Roll the mouse over the different captions below the graphs to see the 
various statistics.  The Windows-7 PC shows offsets in the range 10 - 20 ms, 
with averaged jitter in the 3 - 9 ms range.  Were my Internet connection 
more heavily loaded these figures could be worse.  Windows-8 has offsets in 
the -3 to +5.5 ms range, with averaged jitter eventually 0.4 to 0.6 ms.  I 
guess if your Internet connection is not as good as mine you might be seeing 
such large offsets.

These are running a recent NTP development version which you could download 


and I would recommend this as it has significant improvements over the 
Meinberg in the Windows port.

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