[time-nuts] 2.5 Ghz 12 digit counter project

Tom Harris celephicus at gmail.com
Fri Dec 28 02:45:24 UTC 2012

Watch out for Silicon Chip designs, they have a habit of not making the
source code available, which you only find out at the end of the project. I
suppose that it is to allow the author to make a few extra $$ selling
programmed micros. They had a nice 3 phase inverter design a year ago that
had this problem, I wrote to the author promising not to distribute the
source, I just wanted to read it, but didn't even get the courtesy of an

I suspect that this counter is like the inverter, an oldish design that is
not worth building as you can get the same for half the cost out of China.
What makes it worthwhile is getting the hardware & the source code, so that
you can tinker with it.

Actually I had a look at the counter and it looks similar to the 8 digit
designs using the Intersil 7217 IC from the 80's.

Gripe ends.

On 28 December 2012 06:12, Paul Amaranth <Paul at auroragrp.com> wrote:

> Did anyone see the article in the December Silicon Chips magazine about
> building a 12 digit 2.5 GHz counter?  It has an option for a GPS 1pps
> input so you could have some expectation that the last couple of
> digits mean something.  The website only has the article cover page
> in pretty much unreadable type.
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