[time-nuts] Austron 1210D : Need Help!

Mark Gulbrandsen cinerama84106 at yahoo.com
Sat Dec 29 02:00:44 UTC 2012

Can you please post this in the the daily postings.

Thank You!

 I was going through a recently acquired Austron 1210-D clock today and discovered that it is non functioning simply because it is missing the Sine Converter circuit board, Assy. 103 96025. The divider is not going to get the 5 mhz square wave that it needs to chop down to 1 hz & 10 hz to run the clock! All else in the clock is fine... power supplies, oscillator, display, etc are all checking out good. Mine has a 1980 date of manufacture stamped on it. What I need help with is for some one with a 1210-D to take a photograph of the back side of the Sine Converter PCB so I can build up a duplicate board. Or better yet if any of you have any 1210-D parts laying around that can spare this pcb I would be more than happy to pay a fair price for it. The circuit needed is actually quite simple consisting of a 5-volt regulator, a SN54LS00J, a few transistors, resistors and caps . The majority of components on the board are for outputting the 1 mhz and 100 khz
 wave forms at the front panel. I can live without those outputs for now and will probably just tack together a trial circuit using a 74LS00 IC in place of the 54XX. But reproducing this pcb shouldn't be difficult and 54LS00 I.C.'s can still be aquired easily. I have quite a bit of experience at making boards from scratch and the stuff to do so. All I need is the board layout on the foil side... Any help in any way would be greatly appreciated.

Mark G.

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