[time-nuts] Anyone ever put rubidium in an HP 70000 series mainframe?

David Kirkby david.kirkby at onetel.net
Sun Dec 30 01:16:59 UTC 2012

The HP 70000 series modular measurement system allows one to configure
a range of modules to do various things such as spectrum analysis.

There's an oscillator in the unit somewhere (I don't know where), but
for higher accuracy one can buy an HP  70310A precision frequency
reference, like this, although this unit is well overpriced. I paid
$180 for mine.


In fact, you need that precision reference if you want to use an
external reference.

I was wondering if anyone had put a rubidium in one. I have a unit
which is dead, and whilst it might be possible to fix it, the idea of
just keeping the case and putting in something else is a bit
attractice. I know it has  10 and 100 MHz outputs, so one would need
to generate 100 MHz.


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