[time-nuts] time-nuts Digest, Vol 101, Issue 152

Jim Lux jimlux at earthlink.net
Mon Dec 31 04:16:31 UTC 2012

On 12/30/12 8:03 PM, Bob Camp wrote:
> Hi
> They are using some pretty major fields in that paper. As they point out, high level tests likely do not extrapolate well to low level performance. Their data shows the impact diminishing quickly as the field drops.
> If you accept their 1x10^-11 per gauss number as correct, your OCXO might see a 5x10^-12 change as you rotated it 90 degrees. Unless you have a very good OCXO, that's not a big impact.
> In the case of a fan that's likely generating mili gauss of field (you don't get that much off of 50 ma at 12v), you could see 1x10^-13 level changes. Your OCXO's AVAR is likely well above that at any tau that the fan messing with.
> Yes, I'm making the assumption that the fan motor is not in contact with the OCXO case. In any rational setup there will be at least a few inches between the fan and the OCXO. Not exactly far field at 20 Hz, but the field does drop off pretty fast.

A bigger concern might be if you're locking something you care about to 
that oscillator.  The PLL might be more sensitive (particularly things 
like the op amp circuitry driving the VCO... there's probably some sort 
of physical loop in the wiring between the inverting and noninverting 
inputs of the op amp.

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