[time-nuts] ANFSCD - Synchronizing time in home video recorders

Roberto Barrios rbarrioss at msn.com
Thu Feb 2 13:09:57 UTC 2012

Hi Tom,

I'm interested in that divider. Actually, insterested in knowing how it 
works, not in the .HEX file.

Breseham's algorith works but has inherent jitter and I've found no other 
solutions for situations like that.

I'd live to know how it is done.

Thank you,
Roberto EB4EQA

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From: Tom Van Baak
Sent: Thursday, February 02, 2012 10:34 AM
To: Discussion of precise time and frequency measurement
Subject: Re: [time-nuts] ANFSCD - Synchronizing time in home video recorders

> I think I've seen comments about making 32 KHz from 10 MHz in a PIC or 
> AVR.
> tvb has this web page, but I don't see a 32 KHz option:
>  http://www.leapsecond.com/pic/picdiv.htm


Yes, I have a PIC divider that takes 5 or 10 MHz input and
outputs a 32.768 kHz square wave with minimal jitter and
no long-term phase offset. Contact me off-line if interested.


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