[time-nuts] New Rubidium Frequency Standard Group

Javier Herrero jherrero at hvsistemas.es
Thu Feb 2 14:53:54 UTC 2012

Me too. I think that this is a transient that will surely decay... and 
that also is leading to several constructive sub-threads that are not 
directly related with the FE-5680A but nevertheless very interesting and 
very "time-nut" related. I'm not interested to subscribe another list 
that probably will became without activity quite soon.



El 02/02/2012 15:27, iovane at inwind.it escribió:
> I would disagree. The traffic on the FE-5680A took some of the group's
> bandwidth only in the recent weeks in coincidence with the appearance of cheap
> units on the auction site. Why to force time-nuts to jump to and fro one group
> and another?
>> I have only been a member of the time-nuts group for a short while. It
>> seems like 75% of the posts here have to do with the FE-5680A Rubidium
>> Frequency Standards and there use and modification. This seems like the
>> most popular subject and takes up allot of the group's bandwidth.
>> There is a new Yahoo Group called " Rubidium " that just was recently
>> started. I wonder if all the Rubidium traffic and posts would be better
>> at that group.
>> Send posts to : Rubidum at yahoogroups.com
>> Just a suggestion.
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