[time-nuts] Fluke 845A/845AB manual available (interim pdf)

Charles P. Steinmetz charles_steinmetz at lavabit.com
Sun Feb 5 12:09:44 UTC 2012

Several months ago I said that if I received scans of the pages that 
are missing from the Fluke 845A/AB manual that is posted to the Fluke 
web site (and other places), I would assemble a complete manual and 
upload it to Didier's site.  Through the generosity of another list 
member, I received all but one of the missing pages (thus the version 
I have right now is designated interim).

What I have at this point is a version of the manual with a 
placeholder for the missing p. 4-1.  To reduce the size for 
e-mailing, I also removed section 7 to make it smaller (all Section 7 
contains is a one-page list of general test equipment terms and 
abbreviations and an 8 page list of federal supply codes for 
component manufacturers).

The interim manual contains the 1990 errata/changes and the 1993 
announcement of the further change to FET choppers (no details, just 
the announcement and a promise to update the manual Real Soon 
Now).  It also contains two copies of the schematic, one on four 8.5 
x 11 sheets and one on two 11 x 17 sheets.  Both schematics are 
marred by the same prominent tape line (in the original scan), as can 
be seen in the version at the Fluke site.

I now have an original hard copy of the schematic, and plan to have 
it scanned full size (11 x 34).  Hopefully, someone will also send me 
a scan of p. 4-1.  When I have both, I will put together a final 
version and post it to Didier's site.

In the meantime, I will be happy to send a copy of the interim 
version to anyone who needs it now, on the condition that recipients 
NOT post it on the web (to avoid proliferating yet another partial 
version).  It is about 2.5 MB, so make sure your incoming mail server 
will accept attachments that size.  If you don't really need it now, 
please wait until the final version is posted for download.  (The 
interim version is perfectly usable, but the final version will be 
larger and of higher quality throughout since I won't compress it as 
much for uploading/downloading as I have for e-mailing.)

Best regards,


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