[time-nuts] Rubidium Performance

John Miles jmiles at pop.net
Sun Feb 5 21:27:09 UTC 2012

> John
> Thank you for your effort. It would be nice if you could confirm the 4 to
>  Hz dither that seems to be the loop time constant and long term aging
> will  influence the GPS/Rb control loop time constant setting. I did see 1
> E-12 per  month which may be unique to that unit.
> Bert Kehren

There's a lot of impulse-like structure in the 10 MHz signal from the units
I have, certainly.   You can see the spikes here that are associated with
the spurs at multiples of 1 Hz in the earlier PN plot, as well as some even
stronger pulses that show up about every 28 seconds.  They might correspond
to the grand repetition rate of the DDS.

I don't see anything specific around 4-5 Hz except for the 1 Hz harmonics.

-- john

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