[time-nuts] Using digital broadcast TV for timing?

David McGaw david at endor.com
Wed Feb 8 04:41:59 UTC 2012

The DTV signal coding has a major problem in that it is not 
deterministic - they can't even synchronize the audio and 
video.  There have been many workshops on this at the Audio 
Engineering Society conventions.  I doubt there is any useable timing in it.

David McGaw

At 09:01 PM 2/7/2012, Chris Albertson wrote:
>GPS requires a good view of the sky,  Hard to do in say the 7th floor
>of a 40 story building if you have no windows.   I'm wondering about
>using the new digital TV signals for timing.
>I'm pretty sure there is time code in the signal and I'm pretty sure
>the bits are clocked at a very accurate rate.   Also TV receivers are
>very easy to find and put "hooks" into.      I'd bet the broadcast TV
>signal could be almost as good as GPS.
>The plan is to try and phase lock a local oscillator and use a very
>long time constant on the loop filter.   I bet the TV transmitters are
>locked to GPS and over a long enough time are as good as GPS.  Also in
>many cities there are many TV transmitters, should be able to take
>advantage of that.
>  Before I try some experiments anyone want to tell me why I'm wrong?
>Chris Albertson
>Redondo Beach, California
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