[time-nuts] Morion MV89 output level?

John Miles jmiles at pop.net
Thu Feb 9 23:06:25 UTC 2012

> One question:  I was thinking about buying one of these MV89As.   Are
> they the best of the $25 OCXOs for short to medium term phase
> noise/stabilty.   Trimble, Isotherm and others are all about the same
> price on eBay.  How to decide which to get?

The MV89As are DOCXOs, not just OCXOs.  They are capable of great
medium-term performance, in the mid E-13s at 10000 seconds for one part I
measured (attached).  Note that this is uncorrected for drift or temperature
or anything else!  You don't often see this kind of stability in a surplus
OCXO that's selling in quantity for around $50 each.

They do have relatively high phase noise and AM noise beyond 10 Hz, though. 

In the world of eBay-special OCXOs, what the Trimble oscillators do for
broadband phase noise, the MV89As do for stability.  If you need good
performance near 1 Hz and superb performance beyond 1 kHz, then you should
cannibalize a Thunderbolt for its OCXO.   If you don't care about broadband
noise beyond 100 Hz, but need very low noise near 1 Hz and/or exceptionally
good stability on an hour-to-hour basis, you may find the MV89A to be a good
way to go.

-- john
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