[time-nuts] Low-Cost Rubidium Performance

ws at Yahoo warrensjmail-one at yahoo.com
Fri Feb 10 05:14:42 UTC 2012

Right all those things need to be controlled if doing high end nut-testing.

Most time nuts already know enough not to shake their Osc or tweak its Power 
supply etc when  taking ADEV data.
What is often left as the major error source (that can most easily be 
controlled) with a careful setup is delta temperature.
and most also know that temperature needs to be controlled in some way 
especially when getting the most from say a GPSDO.


[time-nuts] Low-Cost Rubidium Performance
Mike S mikes at flatsurface.com

> You can of course use the ADEV math function for anything, but MY
> definition of "true and accurate ADEV numbers" must include a set up
> that gives repeatable results.
> If you test is done over different or unknown temperature changes that
> have major effects, then I'm calling that poor ADEV data (taking).

Then you had better control acceleration (gravity/shock/vibration),
voltages, humidity, pressure, electromagnetic fields, et al, if you want
validity. Again, what makes temperature a unique case? 

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