[time-nuts] Literature on low noise and HF electronics

Charles P. Steinmetz charles_steinmetz at lavabit.com
Sat Feb 11 09:09:44 UTC 2012

Attila wrote:

>The recent discussions have made it again clear to me, that i lack
>a lot of knowledge in electronics. Especially when it comes to
>the black arts: analog stuff, HF, getting the most ouf of a transistor,
>or doing it really really low noise.
>Could someone recomend anything to read that would get me more
>insights and knowledge on these topics?

There are a few good textbooks (read, lots of math) on HF and low 
noise design if you have the math and physics foundation.

The way you presented your request, it sounds as if you may want 
something more foundational.  If so, I would highly recommend The Art 
of Electronics by Horowitz and Hill and Experimental Methods in RF 
Design by Hayward, Campbell, and Larkin.  I have used them both as 
textbooks for designers at a variety of levels, and they are 
exceptional for the authors' ability to convey an intuitive 
understanding of the material.  They both have sufficient math that 
someone familiar with the field will not feel slighted, but they 
don't rely solely on the math to get their points across as most 
textbooks do.  They are remarkable for being useful to designers and 
aspiring designers at widely varying levels of competence.  I do not 
know of a similar book about low-noise design, but it is covered 
quite well in both of the books above.

Best regards,


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