[time-nuts] Picotest U6200A & Timelab

Arthur Dent golgarfrincham at yahoo.com
Sat Feb 11 14:07:36 UTC 2012

Ulrich Bangert-
"a few weeks ago a link to a new counter named "U6200A" was to be found here
in the group. I considered the technical properties of this counter (which
is sold under the brands "Array" or "Picotest") that interesting at its
price that i ordered one immediately. "
Actually the counter was very briefly discussed 4 months ago in "VIGO time interval 
devices" 10-31-2011 where I posted:
"Has anyone looked into the Picotest (also sold as Array) U6200A TIC? 
Looks like DC-6Ghz with 12 digits/sec and 40ps resolution. Check the specs at:
One seller on the popular auction site has them for $1270 (with shipping)."

Interestingly the $1200 price was much lower than everyone else was asking by 
about $1000. I didn't buy one but in December someone did buy one and posted 
this feedback: "Bought item a month ago. now asking me to pay $900 more." The 
seller apparently didn't do their currency conversion correctly. I don't know if the buyer 
had to pay the difference or not but I'd guess not. 


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