[time-nuts] 2004 & 2005 Tbolts w. the bad temp chip

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Keep in mind that there's really nothing "bad" about these TBolts. They work
just fine for their stated purpose - as a GPSDO. All replacing the chip does
is let LH read the temperature in a high resolution mode. That's a perfectly
good reason to swap the chip - if you need the resolution. 


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I recently got 2 tbolts , and i'm quite sure they have the "bad" 
temperature chip.

They say mfg date : 2004 and 2005 in heather 

I have a 2003 Tbolt , that shows and updates the temperature constantly.
And the "yellow temp graph" is "natural".

The 2004 & 2005's does rarely update , and the graph jumps 4 x 250mC , in 
one jump like a Schmitt-Trigger.

I'm quite sure i read that someone here on the list had a "reel" of the 
old good sensors , but i can't seem to find the posting.

Any hints 

time-nut beginner 

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