[time-nuts] FS: HP Z3801A

Brad Stockdale brad at shinji.net
Thu Feb 16 20:33:41 UTC 2012


    I am to the point where I am interested in selling one of my HP 
Z3801A GPSDO's. In the past when I mentioned possibly selling one or two 
of my Z3801A's, I was asked to offer them to the list first before I put 
them on eBay or anything of the sort. I'd like to see it go to someone 
who is a time nut as well.

    I am selling the unit alone, without power supply or antenna, thus 
anyone interested would need to supply a -48VDC PS and a GPS antenna. I 
use Motorola GPS antennas with great success. I've also used puck style 
antennas with success as well.

    If anyone is interested in picking up a Z3801A, please email me and 
we will discuss cost and arrangements and such. I'm not looking to 
really make anything more than my original purchase cost out of it. My 
email address is brad at shinji.net.

Thank you,
Brad Stockdale

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