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Jim Lux jimlux at earthlink.net
Fri Feb 17 15:15:49 UTC 2012

On 2/17/12 7:02 AM, Bill Riches wrote:
> Good points made - no income for the company, However on the other side of
> the coin - look at Agilient having available all of the old HP manuals for
> download even though there is no income to them.  I wonder if it was a
> requirement of them to supply HP manuals when they absorbed HP.
> I just purchased a new HP Pavilion laptop and was surprised to see that you
> can download a service manual from HP with part numbers and it has
> disassembly instructions - don't know of any other mfgs that do that.  Of
> course HP computer company does not have any connection with the original HP
> - or do they...

I think you will find that there's no particular rhyme or reason to 
documents being available. Contractual obligations are probably way down 
the list of reasons. More, it's just a "company habit" (I won't go so 
far as to say culture).

Aglient has such a huge installed base, and lots and lots of HP gear 
still being used. In their case, it probably saves them money to have it 
online, otherwise they'd have to have a whole department printing off 
copies, shipping them, etc.

Companies that make "components" or "assemblies" (e.g. Wenzel) and who 
do a lot of custom work are less likely.  Wenzel has all their catalog 
units online, but it would be impractical for them to just publish all 
the customs.. they'd have to do the export control review and 
proprietary review, and they're not a very big shop.  If you happened to 
ask when they weren't very busy, they'd probably be more helpful than 
when they've got a big order they're trying to get out.

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