[time-nuts] Update on Rb Performance

John Ackermann N8UR jra at febo.com
Sun Feb 19 01:59:02 UTC 2012

This isn't the real long-term stability test I'm planning to do, but I 
did let the measurement continue on the last unit I was testing (an 
Efratrom FRS-type) out to 10+ days, which should give fairly reasonable 
data out to 100K seconds.  An ADEV plot is attached.  I would ignore the 
last two plot points as there isn't enough data for them to be very 

Bottom line is that Efratom specs the FRS units at <1e-10/day, and this 
one seems to do more than an order of magnitude better.  But also looks 
like you need a lot more than 10 days data to draw any real conclusions; 
you can look at this plot and think that the ADEV is maybe heading back 
down after a peak near 1e-11.


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