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I work for a defense contractor. We used to make certain commercial test equipment, some 40 year old stuff is still being used today and lots of it has been sold to China, Korea, Taiwan and others with full manuals and schematics.

Nowadays, these same manuals and schematics (for the 40 year old stuff) have been reprinted with ITAR notices and I would go to jail if I sent someone a copy outside the USA without approval from the Contracts department. Such approval will not be granted unless we have a suitable export license or TAA for that material and documentation.

We cannot even talk to our vendors in Canada about our requirements, we can only buy catalog products. Asking them to change the color of the paint would be a violation punishable with fines and possibly jail.

It is not even funny.

So, now, what were you asking FEI for?

Didier KO4BB

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One thing to keep in mind is that FEI is very largely a defense 
contractor, so their customers, marketing, and motivation are a bit 
different than the typical business-to-business model.


On 2/17/2012 10:02 AM, Bill Riches wrote:
> Good points made - no income for the company, However on the other side of
> the coin - look at Agilient having available all of the old HP manuals for
> download even though there is no income to them.  I wonder if it was a
> requirement of them to supply HP manuals when they absorbed HP.
> I just purchased a new HP Pavilion laptop and was surprised to see that you
> can download a service manual from HP with part numbers and it has
> disassembly instructions - don't know of any other mfgs that do that.  Of
> course HP computer company does not have any connection with the original HP
> - or do they...
> 73,
> Bill Riches, WA2DVU
> Cape May, NJ
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>> The used market makes no difference to them. No revenue stream.

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