[time-nuts] How best to exchange Large files?

Bob Smither smither at c-c-i.com
Mon Feb 20 19:16:26 UTC 2012

WarrenS wrote:
> Recording high speed and/or long general purpose raw Osc data, the file can become very large. 
> I'm looking for a simple, fast and easy (and cheap) way to transfer large compressed data files of up to say a 100 MB between time-nuts.
> I know there are all kinds places one can store large files that others can then have access to,  so I do not want to use the "OLD" way of breaking it up into many small pieces.
> I do not need to do this very often, so I do not want to sign up for any long term thing or maintain a Friends or face book type thing, 
> I'm just looking for an easy, temporary way (say lasting up to a week each) to transfer a few big files that are too large to email.
> Suggestions anyone?

Time-nuts are welcome to use:


to exchange files.

As the name says, the page is there to exchange files.  The normal use would be
to upload your file, tell people about it, let them download it, then delete it.

Please note that the page is completely public.  Anyone that knows about it (not
many folks, actually) can see your files, download them, and delete them.

Note the restriction on file types.  Zip, gz, and tgz, among others, are supported.

I would ask that after you have made a file available for a reasonable time that
you go to the page and delete it. If you only want to make the file available to
one person, ask them to delete it after they download it.

If a file remains there more than a few weeks I may delete it.

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