[time-nuts] How best to exchange Large files?

Dave M dgminala at mediacombb.net
Mon Feb 20 21:11:36 UTC 2012

> Time-nuts are welcome to use:
>  http://www.c-c-i.com/exchange/
> to exchange files.
> As the name says, the page is there to exchange files.  The normal use 
> would be to upload your file, tell people about it, let them download it, 
> then delete it.
> Please note that the page is completely public.  Anyone that knows about 
> it (not many folks, actually) can see your files, download them, and 
> delete them.
> Note the restriction on file types.  Zip, gz, and tgz, among others, are 
> supported.
> I would ask that after you have made a file available for a reasonable 
> time that you go to the page and delete it. If you only want to make the 
> file available to one person, ask them to delete it after they download 
> it.
> If a file remains there more than a few weeks I may delete it.
> Best regards,
> --
> Bob Smither, PhD    Circuit Concepts, Inc.

Bob, Thanks for the upload space, but when I go there, I don't see a box to 
enter the name of the file that I want to download, not a button to push 
that lets me download it.  All I see on the page is a button to delete a 
file, a Browse box and button to upload a file.  What am I doing wrong?

Dave M
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