[time-nuts] Lady Heather on low power CPU/Linux?

Achim Vollhardt avollhar at physik.uzh.ch
Wed Feb 22 22:26:09 UTC 2012

Fellow Time-Nuts,
I am trying to run LH on an Alix 3D3 single-board PC:


Being only a 500 MHz Geode CPU, there is not much power to work with. 
Still, running Debian Linux with Wine allowed me to make LH work..

BUT: A single second tick takes about 3-4 seconds to show up.. needless 
to say that LH never catches up again and user interaction is painful at 

I tried the /tw=50 setting for less CPU usage with little effect. Is 
there anything else I can do?

Strictly speaking, I would only need the active temperature control, I 
could spare all the other features..

Any comments out there?


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