[time-nuts] Lady Heather on low power CPU/Linux?

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Thu Feb 23 21:02:00 UTC 2012


...bring up server.exe on a NET4501 running off a cheap flash card.


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> This setup makes me able to connect LH from any machine to a TB.
> But only one active connection is allowed at a time.
> So in practice i'm running the 2 x LH against the TB's on the mail-server.
> And "VNC to the mailserver" if i want to see the LH's.

If you use server.exe running on a PC motherboard (or port it to an embedded
controller of some sort), you can log on to the Thunderbolt and control it
from up to 8 different clients.  Depending on what the serial-to-Ethernet
converter box costs, that could either be cheaper or more expensive, I
suppose.  If the EPIA is no longer used for anything, perhaps you could
repurpose it as a server?

-- john

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