[time-nuts] Schematic capture, anyone?

Bruce Lane kyrrin at bluefeathertech.com
Fri Feb 24 01:36:54 UTC 2012

Good eve,

	I must be the exception... I've tried Eagle, most recently about three months back. I can't stand it. I find it, for my purposes, to be about as intuitive as a Salvador Dali painting.

	I've not yet tried DesignSpark, but it looks very promising.

	Personally, I use an old version of OrCAD (9-dot-something, I think).

	Happy tweaking.

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On 23-Feb-12 at 18:38 Jim Hickstein wrote:

>What do people use these days for schematic capture (and just possibly
>PCB layout), for low-budget homebrew stuff?


  It's been so long since I did
>this, I 
>still own a T-square and a pile of contemporary relics like rules and
>  I'll get out my pencil sharpener if I have to.  But really, this must be
>solved problem by now.  For less than $300?  I only need TTL, not
>striplines or 
>any black magic like that.
>I'm a Mac shop, but can of course run Windows if need be.  And to make
>worse, I prefer ANSI logic symbology over shovels-and-spades (or, really,
>plain rectangles where you're expected to know what the part number
>This comes from exposure to Control Data, who were big on it back in the
>day.  I 
>even used to be on the mailing list of the standards committee.  I suppose
>all sank without a trace?  If it's still controversial, I apologize in
>for trolling.
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