[time-nuts] FE-5680A won't lock

Robert Benward rbenward at verizon.net
Wed Jan 18 21:50:16 UTC 2012

I got my first one from nichegeek and it took a long time to lock.  Someone 
suggested I adjust C217 which worked, but if I jarr the oscillator it will 
go out of lock, and may or may not relock  so it's still not up to 100%. 
I'm going to use this as my experimental unit for EFC and the like. 
Nichegeek replaced the unit without charge and did not request that I return 
it (may be because I was also buying a double oven OXCO during my inquiry).


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> Hi
> I had the same issue with one unit (out of three) from the same seller. As
> mentioned elsewhere, it locked up after about 20 or 30 minutes on power. 
> It
> seems reasonably stable and does not pull excess current on either supply
> rail.
> Bob
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> Just got my 3 in from nichegeek.  Paid Thursday, shipped Friday,
> arrived this evening.  Wow.  (Actually arrived too quickly--I don't
> have my t-bolt running, so I can't easily do an accurate frequency check.)
> Two power up and lock in <3 minutes.  One powers up, gets toasty, and
> gives 10MHz, but no lock and no PPS.
> The tuning config on all three read back as 0.  I've set the problem
> child to near +/- FS and about +/- 25% of tuning range: still no lock.
> Any suggestions on what I should look for or try?  I'm not quite
> ready to throw in the towel and contact the seller.
> -- 
> newell N5TNL
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