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Subject: WWVB PM test Thursday and Friday June 7 and 8
From:    "John Lowe" <lowe at boulder.nist.gov>
Date:    Wed, June 6, 2012 9:57 am
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NIST Radio Station WWVB will be conducting a test of a phase-modulated
broadcast format beginning at 1800 UTC (12:00 noon MDT) Thursday, June 7
to 1800 UTC on Friday, June 8 2012. Radio-controlled clocks and watches
will not be affected. Phase-locking 60 kHz timing and frequency standard
receivers may lose lock during the test.  For more information,
call WWVB broadcast manager John Lowe at 303-497-5453, or email
john.lowe at nist.gov <mailto:john.lowe at nist.gov>.
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