[time-nuts] Vectron Type 229 Crystal Oscillator

Don Latham djl at montana.com
Sat Jun 23 15:53:56 EDT 2012

Kovar is a glass seal, much like a tube base :-), so that's sorted. The
voltage is as you point out another problem. The presence of the Kovar
seal suggests that the unit is nicely sealed up, not to be opened. Do
you know what the waveform or power level should be on the output?

GandalfG8 at aol.com
> I've recently bought a  Vectron 229-9268 100MHz crystal  oscillator via
> Ebay with no information other than it was supposed to have been
> removed from
> an item of Racal radio equipment several years ago.
> It has an SMA RF connector and a 7 pin circular power connector, much in
> the style of a B7G valve base, with several leads attached to that which
> terminate at what appears to be a miniature version of a 9 pin D
> connector.
> A search through the list archives, and online generally, has thrown up
> two different connection options offered in response to previous
> requests  for
> information on 229-xxxx series oscillators, the first listed as being
> for a
>  CO-229 is as follows.......
> Pin 1 No connection (NC)
> Pin2 Case(0V)
> Pin3 Case(0V)
> Pin4 B+  24VDC
> Pin5 VCXO Supply For option V models only
> Pin6 VCXO Input For option  V models only
> Pin7 VCXO Return/case For option V models only
> The second is shown as being for a "VECTRON 229 osc with 7 pin Kovar
> feed
> through in circle similar to a
> tube base".......
> 1 B+ (Oven)
> 2 N/C
> 3 N/C
> 4 B+ (Osc)
> 5 VCXO Supply
> 6 VCXO  Input
> 7 return (Case)
> Mine looks to be a very close match to the second option, pins 2 and 3
> aren't used, 7 is definitely ground, and there are small decoupling caps
>  from
> pins 1 and 6 to pin 7, although no decoupling on 4 and 5.
> I've seen suggestions for the single power feed versions that  the
> supply
> options were either 12, 15, or 24 volts but have found  nothing to
> indicate
> whether or not the dual power feed versions would  always use identical
> supply voltages, or if they might also have been  available requiring
> different
> voltages for oven and oscillator.
> I'm happy enough to play "suck it and see" with the oven voltage, and
> judge
>  that by current and case temperature, but would prefer not to fry the
> oscillator as part of that process, bit self defeating really:-), so any
> information would be very much appreciated.
> regards
> Nigel
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