[time-nuts] About that Leap Second...

Bob Martin k6rtm at comcast.net
Sat Jun 30 20:17:39 EDT 2012

After all the waiting...

I set up a video camera to capture the LCD on my Datum/Tymserve 2100 GPS NTP box, and another camera to watch a different GPS-slaved IRIG-B display.

But for all the build-up, no "60" to be seen -- the video of the 2100 clearly shows the "23:59:59" hanging around for waaaay too long, but that's it.

I'll edit and post the videos anyway; the background music and the disappointment at not seeing a "60" on one of the displays is somewhat entertaining.

The kids think their dad is nuts (but they came in to watch). Still, it was fun!  Another afternoon in the life of a time-nut!

Bob K6RTM in sunny Silicon Valley

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