[time-nuts] FS: HP 5334B Counters New In Box

Eric Haskell eric_haskell at hotmail.com
Wed May 9 19:33:37 UTC 2012


I am sorry if this  message in inappropriate for this group but I thought it might be of interest to some on the group. I saw Pete Manfre offering these on some other T&M lists and I suggest he off it here. He is not a member of the list and asked me to post it here.  I am not the seller and have no part in any sales of his.  (I have made several small purchases form him over the past 3-4 years with no complaint).

He just got a load (15) HP 5334B Frequency counters /
            Interval counters, has 3rd channel (1.3Ghz option 030) and
            the "Ovenized" Internal reference option (010)as well as the
            H05 Fused BNC connector on 1.3Ghz input option. These are
            NEW IN THE BOX NEVER USED . They are $265each + shipping ( NO DEALERS
            ) and one to a customer . He will not open them to test them so they are as
            they are...but all opened were perfection.  Seller Pete Manfre WA2ODO  pmanfre(at)gmail.com. (He says he has 9 left).
I have no connection to the seller.Eric Haskell





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