[time-nuts] Low cost GPS for model aircraft

M. Simon msimon6808 at yahoo.com
Mon Aug 5 01:18:54 EDT 2013

I was looking at this GPS with a PPS output for $22 plus shipping.


I have finally decided to take the plunge and design a low cost frequency standard and that module looks like a good place to start. Couple it with a cheap micro running at 50MHz with a time capture counter (no one count bobbles). The master clock will be a  Pletronics TCD-4051-10MHz  TCVCXO good to .1 ppm over temp (when calibrated). The micro multiplies it up to 50MHz (PLL) to clock the micro and counter. Plus a 16 bit DAC and reference. I thought I might be able to get as close as 1E-9 short term maybe a little better. 

Software? I plan to roll my own. I will make bare boards available for those interested in duplicating my efforts. Software too. The micro will have I2C (for an LCD display and any front panel controls/LEDs required) and serial (good to 115,200). The serial will give access to USB for those who want that.  Plus a few spare port pins. 

Now my question is: what do you think of the above GPS model? Does anyone have experience with it? It is supposedly based on the ublox NEO-6M GPS module.

I have also contacted: http://www.inventeksys.com/products-page/gps-modules/
To see what they have to offer. 

I'm open to any suggestions - as long as the cost is low or I can get free samples. And I don't care if I can buy something for less fully assembled and tested. I'm a Maker. I want to make it. And write it up for the magazine I write for. 


Engineering is the art of making what you want from what you can get at a profit.

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