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gchafee at twcny.rr.com gchafee at twcny.rr.com
Tue Aug 6 18:57:31 EDT 2013

Have you ever looked at the unit put out by Ariel Rocholl called the RF Explorer? (link - http://micro.arocholl.com/) 

I bought one of these units and although they do not have everything ( I would love to have different demods on it), it has been an impressive unit, and inexpensive.

I believe as Ariel gets more people interested in the handheld spectrum analyzer concept,he will be building better units with more capabilities.

He has the spurs and birdies and other noise makers in any of these type of units, but he knows where they are and have taken them out ( mostly) in firmware.

I bought one of the wideband units and even though the standalone units does not look very impressive, the Windows software make it into a very nice inexpensive and quite accurate handheld spectrum analyzer.

I am not associated with Ariel, but he is approachable if you wish to talk to him ( I believe he is in Spain).

I got mine from China at Seedstudio and other than one minor battery issue that they resolved I am very happy with it.

Let me know if there is anything I could let you know if the online data does not tell you enough.


Jerry Chafee

---- "J. Forster" <jfor at quikus.com> wrote: 
> OK. Thanks everybody. Can you please reccomend a make/model?
> I'd like something like:
> <75 to >1300 MHz
> Ability to function as a crude SA.
> Not crawling w/ birdies or aliasing issues.
> Will run on Win XP.
> Demod selecttable for all modes at all frequencies.
> In a package, rather than a loose PCB.
> <$150
> Prefer:
> SMA rather than RCA or F
> Receiver and SW from same vendor.
> Suggestions, please.
> Thanks,
> -John
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