[time-nuts] RFTGm-II-Rb - can you gps discipline it without the XO module?

Guido Küppers guikueppers at t-online.de
Sat Aug 17 10:31:47 EDT 2013

Hi Alan,
sorry for my misleading comment. What I meant was the RFTG will need @@Ea.... messages coming from the UT. They contain the necessary gps data for the RFTG to accept the pps pulse. You initiate on the UT by sending it a @@Ea request. This has to be done for example  y a PC running the motorola control software. Look it up in the UT manual.  As I said the RFTG will just listen to incoming gps messages, because normally the RFTGm-Rb will run in tandem with an RFTGm-XO which takes care of talking to its inbuilt UT and passes the messages to the RFTGm-RB.
What else? @@Ea messages should be configured to be sent once a second. The RFTG will need to receive at least one additional message stating that position data is valid and search mode has finished successfully. 
Again, look it up in the UT manual. I've found these things out  by trial and error, sorry to be not more specific. 9600 8N1 will do nicely and is the default.
Have fun,
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Alan Kamrowski II <alank2 at earthlink.net> hat geschrieben:

Hi Guido,

>the one I used was a Oncore UT. 
>The message needed for the RFTG is @@Ea......

So if I send the bytes: "@@Ea......" it will accept the 1pps pulse?

Any idea on the baud rate, 9600 N 8 1 ?

Thanks for your help!!!!


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