[time-nuts] RFTGm-II-Rb - can you gps discipline it without the XO module?

Alan Kamrowski II alank2 at earthlink.net
Sat Aug 17 14:38:30 EDT 2013

Hi Bob,

>All the UT cards that I have ever seen use the small push on antenna
>I have never seen one that directly takes anything "normal" like an SMA or
a BNC. 
>You buy the card and then a bit of coax with the push on on one end and 
>(normally) an SMA on the other end. 
>The antenna for the UT is a normal 5V powered GPS antenna. Just about
>other than a +12V survey antenna will work. 

Thanks, I'll look for one of these.

>If you go shopping, go for one of the later cards. They work a lot better
than the early ones.

I saw a couple on eBay, but don't know anything about them, which ones are
the later ones?

Thanks for your help!


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