[time-nuts] Yet another 468-DC situation

paul paul at thesimonet.org
Tue Aug 27 00:25:28 EDT 2013


Greetings Time Nuts! 

I used to work for an electric utility and, around the Millennium,
acquired a used 468-DC, an FTM II, and the requisite GPS to GOES
antenna. The FTM was the first to no longer power on, and now the 468-DC
blows the main fuse whenever it is powered on. I am wondering if: 

 	* it's worth someone fixing it
 	* how it compares with, for example, the Sure Electronics MB-CM12118
Mini USB & Bluetooth Interface GPS Demo Board (which you reviewed
favorably). I know the 468-DC is built much better, but does it keep
better time?


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