[time-nuts] Looking for Wavecrst Application Note

Tom Van Baak tvb at LeapSecond.com
Tue Aug 27 08:49:07 EDT 2013

Hi Ed,

That link has been dead for all the years I've visited their site. Given the format of other PDF file names in that directory the link may be a typo but none of the obvious alternatives work for me. It's application note #130. I've looked at the last decade of my downloads and don't see it. Best bet is to contact someone at Wavecrest (tech support, or sysadmin) who has access to the directory on the server, or who has a stash of app notes on their local computer. If you get the PDF eventually, do let us know. Or maybe someone on the list has hardcopy?


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> Hello,
> As the subject states, I'm looking for an Application Note published by 
> Wavecrest.  It's called "Phase Noise Measurement Using WAVECREST's 
> Digital Timing System".  It's listed on the GigaMax web site, but the 
> link is dead.  When GigaMax didn't respond to my email, I asked 
> WavecrestDTS.  They told me that GigaMax closed down last summer and 
> that they'd look for a copy.  No response, even after I gave them a 
> nudge, so I guess they don't have a copy, either.
> Does anyone have a copy of this application note?
> Thanks,
> Ed

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