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10E-013 means 1E-012. But the BVAs run in the low xE-013, about 10x better than that. And they are specifically designed to give great ADEV from at least 1s to 30s and more.

Agreed, its very easy to find fantastic phase noise performance from NEL, Pascal, Wenzel and others. That (-180dBc noise floor etc) seems to be no big deal these days, even though a very good Pascal ocxo will still cost as much as four CSACs or more.

Please give some examples of oscillators that were designed specifically for ADEV performance and can be ordered with specific ADEV parameters or are known to have these kinds of performance levels typically, I don't know of many.. Maybe 1 out of 10 HP 10811 will have ADEV in the low xE-013 as far as I have seen. Tom Van Back has a nice treatise on the ADEV of a large number of 10811's he measured in his Z38xx gpsdos, only some are truly great.


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> Hello,
> Today many manufacturers are producing 10 MHz oscillators that offer many
> advantages over BVA.
> Phase noise of <  -116 dBc @ 1 Hz with a -175 dBc noise floor, ageing of 5 x
> 10E-9 per month and a G sensitivity of 5 x 10E-11 /g in all axis is
> available on a new product.
> Also the short term Allan variance is in the low parts in 10E-13 for one
> second.
> It seems to me the only real advantage of BVA is the long term ageing and
> this can easily be sorted out by locking to a superior standard.
> Best Regards
> Steve 
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