[time-nuts] Lead acid battery noise levels

Mark Spencer mspencer12345 at yahoo.ca
Mon Jul 8 23:52:03 EDT 2013

Hello, I've just reviewed the thread from earlier this year regarding low noise power supplies and some related information about the noise levels of certain batteries.    Has anyone ever come across any data pertaining to the noise levels of common gelled lead acid storage batteries ?

I recently discovered the HP bench supply I've been powering one of my OCXO's from is slightly affected  by AC line transients, so I've been running one of my OCXO's from a bank of 100 amp hour gelled lead acid batteries.   Apart from the lack of glitches due to line transients, the performance of the OCXO appears to be better.  Before I embark on a quest for a very low noise power supply (or contemplate building one) I'd be curious in knowing roughly what the typical noise specs for the batteries are.   

I did find some comments on an audiophile forum that indicated that gel cell batteries are not known for low noise levels (:

Best regards Mark Spencer

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