[time-nuts] Very stable synthesizer, alternative to PTS(Programmed Test Sources) x10 or 040?

ewkehren ewkehren at aol.com
Tue Jul 9 06:01:03 EDT 2013

Take a look at AD 9913, just got boards may have results in a month.
Bert Kehren

Sent from Samsung tabletAnders Time <anderstime at gmail.com> wrote:Thanks a lot for the input.
I have been looking at the Fluke 6160b, but I thought that there might be
something as good out there that is not 40years old!
I want to use the synthesizer as a flexible offset source for beat
frequency measurements. So the frequency range is 5 to 30MHz approx.
I read Rubiola et al. "Phase noise and amplitude noise in DDS" yesterday
and thinks that it might be worth a try to test the AD9854 or AD9912 to see
if it is good enough. If I understand the paper right they get really good
results. Is there any one with experience?
Thanks Anders
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