[time-nuts] Decoding the eLoran UTC Service

Darren Grist darren.grist at gmail.com
Thu Jul 11 13:20:53 EDT 2013

Hi time-nuts,
I'm trying to build a basic receiver for the European eLoran UTC Service.
I've found "Recommendation ITU-R M.589-3" online and Annex 2 has a
description of the pulse position modulation method.
I also found "Implementation of a UTC Service on the NELS
EurofixTransmitters" which has the
Eurofix UTC message types
and a description of the bit fields. I'm not trying to get any position
information from the Loran-C signal yet, my first goal is to
decode the pulse position modulation.
What sort of receiver architecture would time-nuts suggest for this job ?

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