[time-nuts] WWVB odd propagation 07/14/2013

Alan Melia alan.melia at btinternet.com
Mon Jul 15 07:42:36 EDT 2013

Hi Paul a major geomag storm occured around midnight UTC on the 14/15th. 
This precipitated hot electrons into the D-region which causes extra 
attenuation at night and enhanced daytime long distance signals. The daytime 
effect is usually short lived but the night-time absorbtion may continue for 
a few nights, as the ionoshere exchanges charge with the Ring Current (Van 
Allen belts)


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> Well this is pretty strange.
> Working on the WWVB d-psk-r and testing a new simple receiver with agc.
> Classic transistor design simple, cheap, and common parts.
> Normal wwvb signal strength on near boston using a Dymec WWVB rcvr quite
> accurate.
> day            night
> 60-80         300-500
> today
> 150            150
> Fairly constant and we have gone through diurnal shift across the country
> now.
> Thats very strange
> Also verified using a HP3586 and its readings have matched the Dymecs
> throughout the day.
> The agc is not getting much of a work out. But I have to say I have never
> seen wwvbs signal this stable and I am talking many years.
> Regards
> Paul
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