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Don Latham djl at montana.com
Wed Jul 31 20:42:52 EDT 2013

Xylene is availble as "goof-off" in paint departments.

> This has been an interesting discussion on how to remove "goop" from
> stuff.
> I find that one or the other of the common methyl or ethyl alcohols is
> sufficient in many cases to remove "goop" and has proven to be quite
> safe on almost all surfaces.
> When one of the common alcohols doesn't work I resort to a product
> marketed by Circa 1850 under the name of Super DeGooper. The label says
> it "Removes these Goops: Oil Crayon, Tar, Marker, Gum, Labels, Shoe
> Polish, Adhesive, Duct Tape, Lipstick, Grease, stickers, Dried Latex
> Paint" but in my experience is quite effect on much, much more and is
> safe on most surfaces.
> The caution label indicates that it contains xylene.
> Works for me and when it doesn't I then resort to the much stronger
> lacquer thinner or acetone. All are flammable and are used carefully
> with adequate ventilation.
> And when all else fails, good old scraping is used.
> cheers, Graham ve3gtc
> On 13-07-31 11:15 AM, Rex wrote:
>> I suspect by gas he meant gasoline.
>> I don't know about what paint remover he meant but I have another
>> suggestion that might have worked. For cleaning label gunk off of used
>> test equipment I have used automotive bug and tar remover. Seems to
>> loosen up lots of gunk but not so strong it hurts the panel paint and
>> lettering.
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