[time-nuts] 10811 outer oven controller.

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Bob said {the 10811 will run fine without the outer oven}
What I've seen is that a dual oven 10811 will run even **finer** and have up 
to 100 times less sensitivity to normal room temperature changes with a 
simple outer oven controller and a few mods.

In 2010 I compared the performance of a TBolt using an external dual oven 
10811 Osc with and without it's outer oven being controlled.
There was more than a 60 to 1 improvement in the 10811's freq sensitivity to 
small room temperature changes when the outer oven was active.
Open loop 10811 TC was <1e-12 /C with the dual oven on compared to 6e-11/C 
with it off.
The green trace shows how much less EFC correction is needed to be to keep 
the 10811's frequency constant when the dual oven is active.


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>The "outer oven" on that version is simply a warmup heater. If it's 
>operating properly, it drops out in normal operation. Put another way - the 
>10811 will run fine without it.

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