[time-nuts] Specifications of the older PicoSync GPS Engine communication protocol on the RS232 port?

Juha Honkanen juha.honkanen at swipnet.se
Sat Jul 20 01:50:33 EDT 2013

Hi Hui

Yes I had the some trouble. I also thought that PicoSync II software 
would work with the older PicoSync but no succes.
I think it might be difficult to get software for the older PicoSync 
since it seem to be a OEM model with customised software. However I have 
been able to get in contact with FEI's manufacturer Gillam-Fei in 
Belgium. They have promised to get back to me with information next 
week. Let's hope that they are willing and can offer either the protocol 
specifications or an actual simple software to use.

I´ll post back to time-nuts list when I have more info.


> Hello Juhua:
>      I also have a similar GPSDO, it troubled me long times, beacuse I made a mistake of its model, I thought it's PICOSYNC II. So I use FEI's PicoSyncView program trying to connect it, but got no any response.  I think maybe FEI have a old version PicoSyncView program for this GPSDO, you may try to write a email to their tech-support:  techsupport at fei-zyfer.com.
>      If you have any progress, please let's me know. Thanks!
> Hui

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