[time-nuts] GPS 18 behavior

Scott McGrath scmcgrath at gmail.com
Tue Jul 23 07:51:17 EDT 2013

Thanks Jim

Was not aware that <10 Ghz signals could penetrate so deeply.  I work for a enterprise wifi company on the RF side and one of our key challenges is signal attenuation/distortion by building materials

Any pointers to papers on this?

I did know that /tvb was using seismic sensors but moles are small you would need a high resolution seismic grid to accurately place them

 Woodchucks are much larger and they also tunnel and undermine things so easier to find with seismic sensor

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On Jul 23, 2013, at 12:03 AM, Jim Lux <jimlux at earthlink.net> wrote:

> On 7/22/13 10:39 AM, Scott McGrath wrote:
>> Moles are a bit small it would probably work better for woodchucks.  who are in the process of undermining all lawns in neighborhood now.
>> In a more serious vein most ground penetrating radar is low frequency and I was not aware that THz waves could penetrate ground more than a few CM
> I believe tvb was using seismic sensors.
> low microwave (<10 GHz) penetrates just fine to tens of meters. I wouldn't want to run a comm link at any sort of data rate, but for 1 Hz bandwidth and coherent detection, it works just fine.
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