[time-nuts] Connector For Trimble/Nortel GPSTM (NTGS50AA) ?

EB4APL eb4apl at cembreros.jazztel.es
Mon Jun 3 13:12:33 EDT 2013


I also connected it directly, the weird 110 pin connector probably costs 
more than I paid for the NTGS50AA.  If in the future I want to use any 
signal present in the connector it can be done using small individual 
pins.  Now the question, has somebody successfully used the internal 
serial port (the one that goes to CM, the cell tower equipment)? It 
could be a weird mean of turning the yellow "Comm fault" led off and the 
green "In service" one if conveniently used with a PIC or equivalent 
microcontroler. According to the available documentation they speak SCPI 
(the same as used in the GPIB, I think) over an EIA-485 physical layer, 
but no mention is made of the commands used, the only thing that is 
clear is that indicates no communications with the CM in the last 60 
seconds.  Just sending anything that triggers a response could be enough.

Ignacio EB4APL

On 03/06/2013 18:42, Bob Camp wrote:
> Hi
> That's what I have done. Cheaper and (hopefully) more reliable than a
> connector.
> Bob
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> So, I gather that most folks are just connecting power to the
> appropriate 2 pins on the 110 position connector.  I wasn't sure whether
> people were wiring directly to the DC converter.
> Thanks.
> Fred
> On 6/3/2013 3:53 AM, Erno Peres wrote:
>> there is only a 48Volt connection and some unknown data com.... I did not
> use any mating connector just the power in... everything is available on the
> front plate.

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