[time-nuts] Measuring speed of light or reproducing a metre

Don Latham djl at montana.com
Mon Jun 24 14:03:33 EDT 2013

IR and acoustic distance sensors already made up with pulse i/o on
breakout boards are available at places like sparkfun (not an ad) or
robot store. In fact, a pair, one acoustic and one ir over the same path
might be very interesting indeed...hmmm

Tom Van Baak
> Jim,
> Yes, it makes a very nice demo (I did this as an experiment in college,
> using a hp 5245L).
> Set up LED/laser diode, mirror (or other optics), and photo detector so
> that you create an oscillator (it will be many MHz); each pulse received
> generates one pulse out. Measure the frequency. Then simply move the
> mirror by a few dX cm. Again measure the frequency. From this you can
> calculate c.
> The beauty of this method is that only numbers you need are dF (=F1-F2)
> and dX. Within reason, all the rest of the factors cancel out; no
> measurement or calibration is required.
> For added fun, start with a similar pulse-echo-oscillator using sound.
> Almost everyone of any age knows about canyon echoes, PA system
> feedback, or counting seconds between lightning and thunder. So (like a
> trombone) move the speaker/microphone a few dX feet. Again, all you need
> is dF and dX to calculate the speed of sound.
> The speeds differ by almost exactly a factor of a million (sound travels
> about one foot per millisecond; light travels about one foot per
> nanosecond). It should make a stunning audio & visual demo.
> /tvb
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>> Hi all,
>> With a 3325B, a 5370B, and other time-nut miscellany, what's the
>> quickest
>> way you can come up with to measure the speed of light OR reproduce
>> the
>> metre.
>> I've got some ideas, but I'd like others' thoughts.
>> Jim
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